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get to know your first bra for a weak pelvic floor

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50 % of women will suffer from a week pelvic floor mainly after childbirth and menopause

Women with weak pelvic floor may suffer from uncontrolled bladder, pain, secual dysfunctions and shame

Yeda is the first and only device offering immediate support and long term training

Yeda can support you in different life phases

After giving birth, suffering from weak pelvic muscles or torn tissue and ligaments

During menopause suffering from urinary incontinence or lowering of the pelvic organs (prolapse)

Between births and before having to go through a POP surgery

a life-changing transformation with Yeda

Immediate Support

Yeda long term training pelvic floor

A technology that supports you immediately and fits you like a glove

Long-term Training

Yeda long term training pelvic floor

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with our dedicated training program that is easily integrated into your busy schedule

Empowerment & Education

self-confidence, immediate support

Join our community and learn about pelvic floor wellbeing by connecting with our experts and sharing experiences with other women

how to use yeda

but that's not all - there's so much more to explore!

Yeda Benefits

self-confidence, immediate support

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